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Call to Live by Mark Counihan
An animated music video published February 2016
Pretty Darlings by Crawford Hall Mackenzie
An animated music video published August 2016
I love telling stories, and when those stories get to spring out of the creativity of others I get a special kind of thrill. My music videos seek to tell a story in tandem with the themes of the music it is set to, complimenting the message of the music without being too obvious or literal. An animated story born from a song.
For more information or a quote on video work please contact us.

On Hope Lost: A short film

A personal film project: 

I woke up in the middle of the night, with a clear image of my hands torn and covered in blood - broken ceramic scattered all over the floor at my feet. 

The story that unfolded is "On Hope Lost", but really this is so much more about hope found.

It helped me to understand. My prayer is that it helps you to understand, too.

More information and merchandise coming soon

Music videos

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